Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas in Prison

Yesterday we had a nice relaxing dinner at home with "just us" where, remembering my brother's family and their loss, I thanked God fervently that we were all here. And we stuffed ourselves with ham (from the Herdmans' food basket in the drama the other night) and other good food. And we wrote down our predictions of what Christmas will be like ten years from now. (Paul guessed three in-laws and six grandchildren.)

After dinner Paul and I went with two other couples to the Santiam Correctional Facility in Salem, where we stood in the dining hall and handed out cookies, cards, and address books to over 300 inmates.

Santiam is at the bottom of the correctional funnel--the guys there are about to be released. "100 days!" one of them told us. Most of them were very grateful and returned our wishes for a merry Christmas.

The hardest part of it was seeing young guys that looked Matt's age, or younger. I had to wipe a few tears when they came through the line. What have they been through, and what will their future be like?

Then there was the booming bearded man who stunned us all by saying:

Quote of the Day:
"You guys Mennonites? I was born Mennonite; grew up in Holmes County, Ohio. My father was a pastor at Martinsburg Mennonite Church."


  1. Ah, I see my dad isn't the only one to muse who the people around the dinner table will be in 10 years. I, as the oldest, am of course assigned a wife (names included) and lots of kids. *eye roll*

    Take heart, Smucker kids. You're not the only ones. *grin*

  2. That's too bad, about the Holmes Co. man. Martinsburg's just over an hour east of us.

  3. Dorcas, you really need to write down Paul's predictions and seal them in envelope to be opened Christmas Day 2016! Pauline